Current Projects

Columbia - SEGP
Eastchester Bus Depot

Project:            Eastchester Bus Depot, Contract # C-33095

Location:         Tillitson Ave and Conner Street, Bronx, NY

Agencies:        Metropolitan Transit Authority Bus Company

Amount:          $ 1,100,000.00

Description:     This project consisted of demolishing the north face of an existing facility and erecting a new stand alone extension to the existing building. This new building would serve as an indoor diesel fueling station. The south wing of the existing building was converted into two new bus wash bays. Earth Construction was a subcontractor on this project providing construction management, safety, excavation, concrete, carpentry and painting services.

Project:           Studebaker Hall at Columbia University, 

                        Contract # 11575.3 SEGP 

Location:         605 West 129th Street, New York, NY

Agencies:       Columbia University

Amount:          $ 150,000.00

Description:     This project seeks to install a new emergency generator on the roof of a landmarked building that is part of Columbia’s Manhattanville expansion. Earth Construction Corp’s contract is to maintain the watertight integrity of the building during the course of the project. After the emergency generator is installed Earth will install a Kemper waterproofing system in the spill air shaft and around the new steel dunnage supporting the generator.

JHS 08 - Queens

Project:            JHS 08Q – Science Lab

​                         Contract # C000012292

Location:        108-35 167th Street, Queens, NY

Agencies:        New York City School Construction Authority

Amount:          $ 1,215,000.00

Description:     This project was a part of the science lab upgrade program with the School Construction Authority. The scope of work consisted of converting 2 existing and antiquated science classrooms into state of the art science labs. This conversion required abatement of asbestos containing material that would be disturbed by the science labs, demolition and removal existing cabinets, walls, floor coverings and ceilings. Included in the scope was new epoxy resin floors, new cabinetry and equipment, new exhaust system, new power panel, projector system, data cabling, power packs and new plumbing risers and fixtures.

IS 303 - Brooklyn

Project:            IS 303K – Repair of Sink Hole

​                         Contract # C000011826

Location:        501 West Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Agencies:        New York City School Construction Authority

Amount:          $ 1,320,000.00

Description:     A large sink hole was formed in the parking lot of IS 303 in Brooklyn which created a flooding situation during even slight periods of rain. Earth Construction excavated the exiting 28,000 sqft parking lot and discovered a large abandoned underground drainage tunnel. This tunnel proved to be the source of the sink hole. Earth poured tremmie concrete under water to fill this tunnel and then proceeded to install a new drainage system, fill, compact and pave the parking lot.

HS of Performing Arts

Project:            Professional Performing Arts HS – Flood Elimination

​                         Contract # C000011849

Location:        328 West 48th Street, New York, NY

Agencies:        New York City School Construction Authority

Amount:          $ 1,365,000.00

Description:     This school building had major and protracted water infiltration issues stemming from the deteriorated brick and waterproofing. Earth Construction removed the existing brick and installed new brick at the courtyard of the building. Earth installed injection waterproofing in the basement of the school to stop the water infiltration below ground. The scope also included removing the topping slab at the entrance; installing fluid applied waterproofing and pouring a new toping slab. Earth also replaced the incoming electrical service due to a hazardous condition where water was entering the building through the electrical sleeves.

PS 40 - Manhattan 

Project:            PS 40M – Reinforcing Cinder Concrete Slab

​                         Contract # C000009222

Location:        319 East 19th Street, New York, NY

Agencies:        New York City School Construction Authority

Amount:          $ 601,000.00

Description:     Due to consistent water infiltration over an extended period of time many structural repairs were necessary at PS 40M in order to maintain the integrity of the building. There were areas where concrete were spalling, brick work was deteriorating, steel needed replacing and terra cotta that needed repair.            

Earth Construction Corp. successfully completed the scope of work which included abatement of any Asbestos Containing Material that would be impacted by this project, removal of spalling concrete, damaged bricks and deteriorated materials. New epoxy coated rebar and wire mesh was installed in preparation for a new Shotcrete ceiling. Rebar splicing was performed where the damage was extensive, Brick stitching and brick pointing was performed. Additionally the building was jacked up in order to install new lally columns.

PS 217 - Queens 

Project:           PS 217Q –Interior Walls

​                        Contract # MC0015

Location:        85-05 144th Street, Queens, NY

Agencies:        New York City School Construction Authority

Amount:          $ 604,000.00

Description:     This Project came rise due to the sinking of the existing slab causing cracking and stain on the interior wall of school. The scope of the work included cataloging and removing all existing materials that were stored in these rooms in a temperature controlled environment, followed by abatement of asbestos containing material that would be impacted by this work, removal of existing partitions and slabs and creates a temporary barricade since the building was being occupied during the time of construction. New epoxy coated rebar was pocketed into existing solid concrete substrate and new concrete beams on grade were installed to support the existing loads. CMU walls were constructed with custom made structural facing tile to match existing. All MEP that were impacted by this work was removed and reinstalled or relocated. New metal shelving was provided along with new VCT flooring.

IS 61 - Staten Island

Project:           IS 61R – Auditorium Upgrade

​                        Contract # MC0023

Location:        445 Castleton Avenue, Staten Island, NY

Agencies:        New York City School Construction Authority

Amount:          $ 747,000.00

Description:     This project consisted of demolishing the existing linoleum flooring and vinyl base, removal of existing side stages, removal of all existing rigging, removal of existing curtains and associated tracks, and removal of existing dimming system. New doors and hardware were provided to replace the existing, new sheet floor vinyl was installed, new stage curtains and track system was installed, New portable backstage and sides-stage frame work units were installed. New dimming system was provided including stage manager control panel, new lighting control console, new dimmable down lights and rewiring of existing stage lighting was done in order to become code compliant.

Completed Projects

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